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Our course is focused on giving you structured knowledge, real practical experience, personal support from professionals and helping you to start your journey in IT.
  • 12 weeks
  • Online

Who is this course for

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People with no experience in IT

To attend this course, no prior experience in IT is required, our students come from different industries. Motivation and enthusiasm are halfway to your success in IT.
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IT professionals in other fields

Starting salary for QA specialists is higher than for web developers, network engineers and help desk specialists. Also, this job gives you a better life-work balance.
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Junior QA Analysts

You will learn advanced topics in testing, such as API, SQL testing, basics of test automation, Python foundations and will participate in an internship.
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You will learn how to...

  • 1 Write testing documentation (user stories, test cases, bug reports)
  • 2 Test database, API, mobile devices
  • 3 Start writing automated scripts
  • 4 Work with version control using GIT
  • 5 Apply your knowledge at the workplace
  • 6 Create an impressive resumé
  • 7 Succeed in all stages of an interview

What we offer

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Personal mentorship

You will be connected with a mentor who will check your homework, provide feedback, answer questions, and help to solve problems until you find the desired job.
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Real projects

You will work on real projects with the tools that are currently used by top IT companies (Jira, Postman, Zephyr, Selenium).
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Weekly live sessions

Every week we have a group session where we discuss the covered material, analyze real cases, and solve issues together.
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All students have the opportunity to undergo a month-long internship at the partner company and get confidence and experience to apply for junior/mid-level positions.
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Job-hunting preparation

During individual resumé preparation, interview simulator and 1-on-1 classes we will help you to highlight your accomplishments and talents in the best way possible.
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Job placement services

We will connect you with top recruiting agencies and will help you with references when needed.

Tools you will learn


Manual QA testing

  • QA job responsibilities
  • Software development life cycle, agile (Scrum) and waterfall methodologies
  • Test design, test levels, types of testing, test documentation, Mind Maps and Zephyr
  • Bug reporting with Jira
  • Versioning and version control system GIT
  • Release management, CI/CD, Jenkins , Unix Commands
  • Web application testing, browser Dev Tools, client-server architecture, BrowserStack

Anvanced QA testing

  • API testing using Postman, Fiddler, Swagger, Charles Proxy
  • Database testing with SQL
  • Mobile application testing (iOS and Android), XCode and Android Studio

Intro to Test Automation

  • PyCharm
  • Python
  • Selenium Webdriver

Job-hunting activities

  • Individual resumé review and career advice
  • Interview preparation

Course structure

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Watch educational materials on our platform, complete tasks at your convenience

Theoretical topics are covered with videos and accompanied by assignments, quizzes, handouts and worksheets to complete.
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Submit your homework assignments for review

There is a set deadline for each homework. Access to the next chapter opens only after the homework is completed and approved.
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Reflect on the provided feedback, correct mistakes and submit again if nessesary

It takes 24 hours for teacher to review your homework, after which you will receive a revised version with recommendations.
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Participate in our weekly live-sessions with mentors and other students

This is a great opportunity to ask questions and get answers, analyze real cases and solve issues together to recap the material you have learnt.
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Attend 1-on-1 classes and interview simulator

You have up to 16 personal sessions with your teacher to practice your technical language, discuss what you have learnt in the lectures, and answer the questions you are concerned about.

Homework review example

The course includes plenty of homework assignments. Your teacher will review all of them individually as many times as you need to master the material.



Start: anytime
Perfect if you are a self starter! Study on your own.
  • Everything what is in curriculum
  • Technical support
  • Interview simulator
  • Certificate of graduation
  • Access to materials for 6 months


Start: anytime
Perfect if you want to have individual sessions with a teacher.
  • Everything what is in curriculum
  • Individual homework feedback
  • Personal mentorship
  • Online chat support
  • Weekly live sessions
  • Unlimited resumé reviews
  • Interview simulator
  • 16 1-on-1 classes
  • Face-to-face meetup with recruiter
  • Internship
  • Job placement services
  • Personalized career goal setting
  • Certificate of graduation
  • Access to materials for 6 months
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*Pay $699 and get VIP package

When you get a job that pays more than $50k, only then you are charged 10% of the salary for 12 months or 15% of the salary for 6 months.

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    Who we are

    Top notch specialist who built a career beginning as a manual tester, then moving up to a SDET, and finally obtaining Masters and becoming a Software Engineer. I have a passion for technology and education and would love to share my knowledge on how to become a successful Automation Tester.

    Alana Gottemoller

    Software Engineer with 9 + years of experience working in IT
    I possess a strong knowledge in manual and automation testing. I earned Bachelor's in Technical Management. Throughout my career I have had a chance to work on different projects and gain significant experience. Now I am an experienced QA instructor.

    Anastasiya Gerner

    QA instructor with over 9 years of experience in manual and automation testing
    Experienced leader driving execution of new product and software launches in banking and pharma industries. Technology is something I have been always passionate about, so it wasn’t a difficult decision to get MBA in IT and PMP certification. It’s exciting to know that being involved in technology empowers me to take my career in any direction and help others to do so.

    Yuliia Khyzhniak

    Program manager with 10+ years of experience in business analysis and project management

    What our students say


    What will I learn from this course and why should I attend?
    • Advanced software testing concepts
    • Basics of automation and API testing
    • Professional guidance for resumé support and interview preparation
    • How to write testing documentation (e.g. test case, test summary, bug reporting)
    • 24×7 access and support from the QA instructor team
    • We will give real project assignments after each session based on the topic of the session
    How much time does the course take?

    Bootcamp lasts 12 weeks. We accept students on a rolling basis. You can enroll at any time for any future cohort. For upcoming dates, please check out our QA course page.

    Do I need a bachelor's degree?

    A bachelor’s degree is not required! If you are a non-IT professional and want to get into an IT QA career then this course is for you. Emerging yourself into a QA bootcamp can offer you a quick and easy way to learn testing with no IT background.

    Do I need a technical background to start the course?

    Although a technical background is helpful to have, it’s not required to start a course. Our students come from various backgrounds (e.g. finance, social science, art, and business)

    Who can attend this course?

    If you are a professional in any other field but want to be in IT, TechSkillAcademy QA bootcamp will help you make the career switch smoothly and successfully.

    People with both technical and non-technical backgrounds are welcome to enroll in this Quality Assurance training.

    Will this course be enough to apply for a job?

    Yes, our curriculum is based on the most cutting-edge tools and educational materials in the industry and our classes will prepare you to start an IT career. We will do whatever it takes to get you a job. This includes resumé review, interview preparation, mock interview and connections with top recruiting IT companies. Remember, this program is developed to invest in your success. In addition to the testing skills you’ll gain, we’ve developed specific career support services to help you make yourself the best candidate for the position you want.

    What if I decide that QA is not for me?

    You can start watching lectures as soon as you sign up for the course. If you decide that the material is too hard for you during 2 week period we will provide you a full refund.


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