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Selenium Career Opportunities in 2021

Selenium Career Opportunities in 2021

The challenges of 2020 have especially affected the tech industry as nearly all in-person activities became digital. This shift caused a lot of chaos, but it also proved how resilient many software tools were. Selenium is just one of many tools which -despite the many challenges it faced- continued to operate as if under normal conditions. Selenium has once again proven its reliability and its popularity is only expected to grow this year. This next year is expected to bring with it many career opportunities for those who have decided to pursue software testing with Selenium. Job postings for Selenium have risen by about 300% in the last 3 years and this growth has shown no indication of slowing or stopping.

In 2021, the job market for automation testers with training in Selenium is expected to grow as software companies have demonstrated an interest in releasing products which have been extensively tested. Job descriptions for Selenium testers include QA engineer, automation test lead, Selenium automation analyst, and senior test engineer. Though these terms may seem rather abstract, they illustrate the prospective career path of Selenium trained testers. The variety of job descriptions is a testament to the novelty of test automation. There is no limitation on what you can do with training in Selenium.

 Climbing up the corporate tech world means that as a tester you must be efficient and a good group member. Once you have proved that you are a great asset to a team, many other job opportunities will open up to you. Companies work closely with their testers to create incredible job packages. The novelty of this field offers companies and testers freedom to create career paths which are mutually beneficial.

 While team  is usually required as a beginner Selenium tester, senior automation engineers have the opportunity to join higher level management positions such as team leader or manager. Team leaders and managers must be adept in the process of testing software and know how to create and motivate a team of engineers. As a beginner, these job descriptions may seem intimidating or unattainable, but bear in mind that with training in Selenium and experience in the software industry, these careers are by no means out of reach for you.

There will never be a shortage of new software which must be tested, and as long as this trend continues there will never be too many automation engineers. If you are interested in pursuing a career in test automation, 2021 is a great time to start. Not only is there an unprecedented amount of job opportunities, but companies are now more willing than ever to negotiate job packages and career opportunities. By learning how to use Selenium, you can create a career for yourself which is reliable and profitable. Whether you are interested in working with a team or working independently, Selenium test automation is a field which can provide exciting opportunities for you.

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