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Advantages of a QA specialist

Advantages of a QA specialist

In a rapidly changing world, the speed of creating and launching digital services is essential to commercial success. However, the quality of digital services is important. Because companies can lose a significant chunk of the market due to poor quality or bad user experience. This is why there has been an increase in the demand for quality assurance (QA) specialists today. There are 5 Advantages of a QA specialist that make it easier to enter this in-demand profession.

No Degree Necessary

QA engineers are unique members of the IT community because they don’t need to have a bachelor’s degree. Many other software jobs require you to attend a 4-year university before you can even start looking for a job. But you can easily get a job in QA by taking a QA analyst course. If you don’t have time to pursue a bachelor’s degree becoming a QA engineer is a great career option. There are very few careers that offer interesting jobs without requiring years of studying. This is making a career in QA e a great opportunity!

Job Opportunities

As a QA engineer, you will always be able to find a job. Of course, the software industry is not growing as quickly as it was during the last 2 decades. But Quality Assurance is still more relevant and necessary than ever. More and more people are using pieces the software. And ​companies realize that the quality and quantity of testing needs to be better than in previous years. Additionally, QA engineers are no longer limited to working for tech companies. QA professionals work for companies that specialize in providing a variety of services and products.

Great Salary

When you are choosing a career, the salary should never be the first item on your checklist, but it is very important. Your first priority should of course be whether you enjoy working in Quality Assurance. Once you have determined this, you should learn about whether the salary of a QA engineer is satisfactory. The average QA engineer makes $84,000 per year. There are very few careers that offer such a great salary without requiring a bachelor’s degree. If you are interested in pursuing a career in quality assurance, then the salary should not inhibit you!

Career Options

The career opportunities that QA brings are numerous and exciting. Many QA engineers begin their careers as QA software testers. This entry-level job incorporates many of the skills which are taught in certification courses. It will provide you with experience which will look great on any application. From there, you have countless career options. Some QA engineers choose to take jobs in IT management while others aspire to become QA directors. If you choose to become a QA engineer, you will have an opportunity to work in many different roles and environments.

Continuous Innovations

Many people assume that working in software is boring and completely predictable. But these assumptions are completely inaccurate. Here is one of the main advantages of a QA specialist. In the field of quality assurance, innovations are constantly being introduced. It makes the career of a quality assurance engineer an exciting one. If you enjoy adapting to new information and learning new techniques to solve problems, then you should consider a career in quality assurance. If you choose to become a QA engineer, you can be confident that you will always have an interesting job.

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