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A Business Analyst Certification

A Business Analyst Certification

There is no right way to become a business analyst. But getting a Business Analyst certification can make the process much easier. Though it was possible in the past to obtain a job as a Business Analyst without certification. Today, the competitiveness of the job market has made this career path nearly impossible. Getting a Business Analyst certification validates your skills, builds a peer network, and increases your salary.

Why is a certification so important to BA?

Most importantly, a certification, like a degree, confirms that you have the skill set which you claim in your resume. This validation instantly makes your job application competitive with prospective employers. Certification is especially important if you have not worked in a similar field. Without a certificate, it is unlikely that someone with a degree in business, but no background in math or science can get a job as a BA. 

Getting a Business Analyst certification is not only a signal to employers of your competence but also a guarantee that you are ready to take on the responsibilities of a business analyst. Of course, previous experience in a similar field may be helpful. But certification can give you the confidence to be an effective Business Analyst. Learning on the job is difficult and stressful because the mistakes you make will directly affect your company. By taking our certification course, you can safely make mistakes without worrying about the real-world consequences.

The role of professional connections for BA

Every professional knows the importance of making meaningful connections with people in their field. In fact, 85% of job openings are filled through networking according to LinkedIn. A certification can help you join the professional network. Many people you meet in a course will be assets as you begin searching for a job. Some may argue that the opportunity cost of obtaining a certification is simply not worth it. But the truth is that an entry-level Business Analyst without a certification has to spend years trying to get the same salary as a certified business analyst.

In fact, Business Analysts who have certification are on average paid 11% more than those who do not. It will not only help you get your first job, but it will ensure that your future paychecks are well worth the cost of the IT course. In addition, this specialist will be easier to negotiate for a higher salary.  

A Business Analyst has many skill sets and responsibilities which are difficult to learn independently. The increased salary and validation which a certification provides is just “icing on the cake.” The decision of whether to obtain a BA certification will directly affect your career in many ways. You shouldn’t make this decision too lightly. Simply put, the benefits of certification outweigh the drawbacks.

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